Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Finchley's First Lady

Baroness Thatcher, Finchley’s first lady MP, will be sorely missed by many local residents and members of Finchley and Golders Green Conservative association.  Residents and conservative activists saw a different side to the ‘Iron Lady’; a warm, caring, thoughtful mother and dedicated MP who also happened to be the best post-war Prime Minister we’ve ever had. 

Even after she stepped down as MP in 1992, Baroness Thatcher remained interested in the area and regularly saw old friends.  Not too long ago, I enjoyed a chat and cup of tea with her at Avenue House where she was obviously very pleased to be back in Finchley.  

For me, her passing symbolises the slow loss of a generation of great, heavyweight politicians.  She told it like it was and stuck to her beliefs regardless of what the latest focus group said or how loud the vocal minorities screamed at public meetings and the picket lines. 

Some of her critics have said awful, distasteful and childish things the last couple of days and I will not give them attention they don’t deserve except to refer you to this excellent article explaining their motive.  These people hate Thatcher because she defeated them.  The public at large backed her, they wanted the leadership and direction she so strongly provided.

Baroness Thatcher was inspirational and she made a huge positive difference to the UK and the world.  Without her perseverance the 80s would have been a repeat of the 70s with Britain never making the transition from a limping laughing stock to a major world economy. 

Baroness Thatcher is an example to all in public life; if you believe in something and know it to be the right way forward, you must persevere, stand firm and not let the vocal minority and vested interests detract you.  May she rest in peace.

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